Digital IP intercom ELIPS™ TY

For Daisy Chain mounting

  • IP intercom
  • Plug & play
  • Optimal solution for light vehicles: compact, light, minimal wiring
  • Daisy chain architecture
  • Intuitive configuration, supervision, and maintenance tool
thumbnailELIPS™ TY

The Elips™ TY system applications

ELIPS™ TY is the ideal intercom system for all demanding applications in terms of size, power consumption and interoperability.

ELIPS™ TY is thus the preferred intercom for high mobility and intervention vehicles: 4×4, special forces, rapid intervention boats, medical vehicles, civil security.

ELIPS ™TY is a versatile system compatible with local and military communication systems, whether analogue or digital.

ELIPS ™TY is part of international programmes and combat proven.

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