Communication headset HOPLITE 3D

Cartilaginous technology with 3D external listening device

  • Natural restoration of the external environment
  • Filtering of external noise and reproduction of the human voice
  • Blast protection, thanks to patented cartilage conduction and signal processing technologies
  • Picatinny/neckband/headband
  • Waterproof and robust
thumbnailHOPLITE 3D

HOPLITE 3D headset applications

The external 3D listening functionality allows the natural 360° reproduction of the external environment for boarding/disembarking applications: troop transport, motorized cavalry and artillery, special forces, snipers, commandos.

The unique ability to listen to outside human voices by filtering ambient noise allows compatible use of all applications in noisy environments: engine room, shelters, urban combat, transport aircraft.


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