Général de Brigade Charles Beaudoin

“Long-time partner of the French Army through the VBCI intercom system, the CABA armored vehicle helmet and the Felin communicating headband, all “combat proven” in extreme conditions, ELNO has in fact acquired a certain experience in terms of combat communication.


By combining a proven sense of innovation, listening and responsiveness, the company has been able to offer solutions under these contracts that perfectly meet operational needs.


With ELIPS™, which will equip SCORPION combat cehicles, ELNO gives us access to a new technology for intercom providing more flexibility and scalability.

One of my challenges is to guarantee our combatants the best continuity of communication and informations in the always delicate phases pf embarking and disembarking in contact with the enemy. An actor recognized for his achievements, ELNO has its place in this work.”


Général de Brigade Charles Beaudoin

Director of the Army Technical Section