Général de Division (2S) Charles Beaudoin

ELNO is a long-time partner of the French Army. The CABA helmet for Leclerc, and the FELIN communicating headband, among others, are recognized innovations and “combat proven”.

With ELIPS™, chosen to equip the SCORPION vehicles, ELNO now gives to the French armies innovative intercom technology providing maximum flexibility and scalability to our soldiers.

By combining, listening and proactivity, the company has been able to support the French Army for thirty years with satisfying solutions in terms of intra-group and intra-crew communication in harsh environments.

ELNO has thus met many challenges to improve the communication of our soldiers as a superior listening quality by intelligent filtering without sacrificing anything to hearing protection. Challenges remain : simultaneous multi-network listening by spatialization of sound, continuity of embarked/disembarked service on contact. I have no doubt that ELNO will be able to propose operational solutions.

Général de Division (2S) Charles BEAUDOUIN

Former Deputy Chief of Staff “Plans Programs” of the Army