Communication headband BCH300

Osteophonic Technology

  • Freedom of movement
  • Permanent contact with the immediate noisy environment
  • Not sensitive to ambient noise
  • Compatible with CBRN masks
  • Possibility of whispering (infiltration missions)
  • Usable with most helmets and balaclavas
  • Waterproof

The BCH300 applications

The equipment of the soldier of the future aims to improve combat efficiency while taking into account human factors.

ELNO has designed a technologically innovative headphone that uses bone vibration for listening and as a microphone.

It allows communication in a very noisy environment and works with military radios.

The BCH300 headphone is particularly suitable for undercover missions.

The headphone has been designed to optimise the following features: intelligibility of communications, comfortable, light, robustness.

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