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Elno designs and produces a wide range of video products complying with railway requirements and rolling stocks standards EN50155/EN50121.



  • 294SP300 - IHM transport

    ELNO conçoit des interfaces homme machine (IHM) pour les conducteurs de matériel roulant ferroviaire. Ces équipements disposent d’une dalle tactile pour la gestion, la surveillance et l'aide à la conduite.

    • Ecrans couleur ou noir & blanc
    • Intégration en rack
    • Conforme aux normes ferroviaires EN 50155
    • Compatibilité électromagnétique EN 50121.
    294SP300 IHM transport
  • 370SPxxx - Transport display

    ELNO supplies a range of IP displays based on LED technology for onboard rolling stock.

    • various sizes
    • double or single side
    • 1 or several lines

    In addition to standard products, we develop displays according to specific requirement.

    370SPxxx Afficheur transport
  • 868SP0xx - Camera for rearvision

    ELNO designs and produces a wide range of black & white or colour cameras.
    They are equipped with lenses having various types of focal distances. These cameras are dedicated for use in railway vehicles and suitable to all light conditions.

    • Waterproof IP65
    • Compliant to railway standards EN 50155
    • Electromagnetic compatible EN 50121.
    868SP0xx Caméra pour rétrovision
  • 869SP0xx - Monitor for rearvision

    ELNO supplies various sizes of monitors designed for use on-board railway vehicles.
    They are suited for video surveillance or rearview monitoring.

    • Colour or black & white monitors
    • Rack mounting
    • Compliant to railway standards EN 50155
    • Electromagnetic compatible EN 50121.

    Any specific requirement will be checked upon request

    869SP0xx Moniteur pour rétrovision
  • DYSTRANS - TFT displays

    The rugged design of DYSTRANS TFT 32” and 46” displays allows  non-stop operation with no cover  in hostile environments.
    Equipped with an industrial modular PC that allows installation of future developments, they also can be equipped with HUGINTM sound system developed by ELNO.

    • Cooling by air-air exchanger
    • Vandal-resistant
    • WIFI
    • PLC connection via powerline
    • HUGINTM Sound System
    • Omnidirectional microphone
    • Camera
    Ecran DYSTRANS