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ANR - Active Noise Reduction

The principle behind ANR lies in the destructive wave theory. An out-of-phase noise is superimposed over the undesirable noise to cancel it out.
With ANR headphones, an electronic system is connected to a microphone that captures ambient noise and a speaker that generates the out-of-phase noise.



ANR - Active Noise Reduction

    HOPLITE provides a high level of ease of use and passive protection thanks to its ergonomic ear pads and allows communication in noisy environments. Cartilaginous conduction offers the operator the possibility of using ear plugs for double hearing protection in very noisy environments.
    Thanks to earplugs, the double protection provides the advantage of being protected against impulse noises (shots) as well as transients (missile departures).

    • Cartilaginous sound conduction
    • Microphone ambiant noise reduction
    • Noise reduction using double protection
    • 3D TalkThrough® three dimensions external listening
    • Ergonomic equipment
    • Optimization of passive mode noise protection
    hoplite-équipement de tête stéréophonique à conduction cartilagineuse
  • VH586 - VH586ANR Heavy armoured vehicles helmets

    VH586 helmet allows crew members to improve their mission effectiveness.

    • Communications intelligibility
    • Optimized noise attenuation
    • Single size
    • Active noise reduction system (ANR) with automatic safety device
    • Antishock and ballistic protection (option)
    • Talk Through
  • VH590 - VH590ANR Light armoured vehicles headsets

    The ergonomics of VH590 headset has been designed to ease the wearing in all operational situations.

    • Communications intelligibility
    • Optimized noise protection
    • Single size
    • Lightweight
    • Compatibility with balistic helmets
    • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) with automatic safety device
    • Talk Through
    VH590 - VH590ANR Light armoured vehicles headsets