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Elno Société Nouvelle is a simplified joint stock company with share capital of 1, 000,000 Euros with head offices at 43 rue Michel Carré - 95100 ARGENTEUIL, identified as 384 894 978 RCS Pontoise.
Tel: +33 1 39 98 44 44
Director of advertising and chief editor: Jérôme Diacre – Sales and Marketing Director site host:
France Telecom
Orange Business Services
78 rue Olivier de Serres 75015 PARIS
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The content of this website is for information only and cannot be used for any transaction whatsoever.
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Information provided by users
Any information or request for information that you might send ELNO via the website or via the email system to which the site provides access shall be considered non-confidential.
You may also send your details or request information by post. Write to the ELNO head office, marked for the attention of the department identified in the corresponding section of this website.

ELNO has the right to modify at any time and without prior notification any element in this website or any other information that is included therein.


Private policy (added 25 sept 2015)

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