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cinema1930When ELNO was founded in 1927, the company Etablissements Lailler-Pecquet had decided to invest in electro-acoustic technology following the success of early talking movies and the new requirement for headphones for telephone switchboards.



standard1930nordlingThe acronym ELNO comes from the beginning of Etablissements Lailler-Pecquet (EL) and the name of Swedish diplomat Raoul Nordling (NO), one of the company’s founding shareholders. Nordling was the saviour of Paris monuments in 1944; at the time of the Liberation he was the person who, against all odds, managed to convince Governor Von Choltitz not to burn the city of Paris to the ground.



blindes1950After the war, ELNO benefited from American economic plans and began working on military equipment for the new NATO forces. ELNO supplied their first military interphones.




capitole1960During the 1950s, ELNO diversified into railways on the pressing request of one of the new French Republic’s transport ministers.

The story goes that a ticket collector aboard a Capitole train could not alter the carriage temperature because he could not reach the driver, who was the only person on the train who could adjust the heating. The transport minister gave the order for onboard telephone lines to be installed on national trains and ELNO, with its experience and competence in military interphones, fitted its first onboard rail interphone system closely followed by the onboard sound system.



histocasqThe ELNO Group was founded in 1992. It quickly purchased other small European business and established an industrial presence in Germany. From 1993, LEM, L’Optique Scientifique, AVR, Elason and IDMS also joined the group. With these acquisitions, ELNO broadened its product ranges and its markets.



LEM1980Today, ELNO is present in France, Germany and Italy and is a European leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electro-acoustic products and communication systems for Defence & Security, Aeronautics & Industry and Transport.